Approve Regulation 13: Improve Dental Hygiene Supervision in Mississippi

The Mississippi State Board of Dental Examiners voted to lessen the restrictions for dental hygienists in the State of Mississippi by broadening our scope of practice.

This amendment to Regulation 13 involves being able to administer local anesthesia to our patients (under direct supervision by the dentist) and to practice under general supervision as the dentist deems necessary. These changes will greatly impact and improve oral healthcare in Mississippi.

The final step must be approved and voted on by the Occupational Licensing Review Committee (OLRC). It is crucial now more than ever that we unite together to have our voices heard. Please contact the governors office by email, stating that you support these specific changes for the dental hygienists with Regulation 13.

We appreciate your commitment to our profession. 

To contact the Governor’s office, please call 601-359-3150 or email 
and request that the MSBDE’s latest passage of hygienists delivering local anesthesia under direct supervision of a dentist be added to the next OLRC agenda.

To learn more and send a message to the OLRC, click here to launch the Action Center.

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